Kahi Loa

Wailua River

7 elements for your balance

 Just like Lomi Lomi Nui and Pohaku Wai Ola (Hot Stone), Kahi Loa is a form of Hawaiian energy work that was originally carried out by the Kahunas, the guardians of Huna knowledge.

A possible translation for “Kahi Loa” is “unique touch” or “flowing movement”. In this treatment, my hands touch your body with the energy of various natural elements and help it to regain its balance.

The first three elements remove what does not belong to us: The warming and invigorating fire (ahi) burns the coarse parts. With the flowing element water (wai), which is responsible for the emotions, blockages are gently flushed out of the body. The wind (makani) finally sweeps away everything that is still there and does not belong to us.

The following three elements add what is missing: The stones (pohaku) contain ancient knowledge and are used worldwide for their healing powers. The (medicinal) plants (la’au) have a nourishing and healing effect. The animals (holoholona) remind us humans of our natural instincts and our adaptability. Through the contact with the last element, that of the human being (kanaka), a balance is established and you are supported in integrating the previous elements in your “being-human”.

Kahi Loa has a balancing effect: calming and/or vitalizing, depending on whether something is missing or too abundant.

The treatment is accompanied by Hawaiian music and carried out on the clothed body. It lasts about 60 minutes.