Sonja Gabriel

Ambassador of Hawaii

I see myself as such. Well, I’m not a diplomatic ambassador for this island world in the middle of the Pacific, but I’m someone who lives and passes on their original culture and the aloha spirit in Austria. So to a certain extent I am cultural ambassador.

In addition to the Hawaiian language, the two most important pillars of this culture are the art of mindful touch, Lomi Lomi Nui, and the hula dance. The last king of Hawaii, David Kawika Kalakaua, indicated hula as the heartbeat of the Hawaiian people.

Ho’oponopono (literally: bringing back into the right order), the old mediation ritual of Hawaii, is another important element of the culture. I have dealt with that as well as with our western mediation (reconciliation of people in conflicts).

After my love for the Hawaiian philosophy and Hawaiian way of life was awakened, I learned two other forms of touch from this cultural area: Kahi Loa and Pohaku Wai Ola. The method of Singing Bowl Massage completes my offer in a sonorous way.

I have been helping people to feel better with Lomi Lomi Nui since 2007. Since 2008 I have been dancing Hula, the dance from Hawaii that tells the stories of these islands. And since 2013 I have been passing on my enthusiasm for it through teaching.

I’ve always been very interested in other cultures and languages. The Hawaiian language is very different from languages I’ve learned before. It is therefore a completely new challenge that I enjoy. I am convinced that the respective language always promotes access to understanding other cultures.

I love to touch people on different levels, mentally, emotionally and physically and to enter into dialogue with them. Therefore, I have completed some training in the psycho-social area (life and social counselor, mediator, ho’oponopono practitioner, trainer in adult education), and learned various forms of massage or bodywork (including Thai yoga, honey massage, Indian head massage, raindrop technique, Bali body work, intensive back treatment, intuitive-sensitive body work, Inca stone massage).

I am also a passionate hobby gardener aiming to be as self-sufficient as possible and an equally passionate vegan cook. Hence my invitation to round off your touch with a meal from my garden and my kitchen.

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