Let me touch you

Soft touch of an arm

…. through my hands and with my heart

 I have always liked to touch people, on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. But it took me until 2007 until I turned my calling into my job. It was then that I learned Lomi Lomi Nui from Hawaii, also known as the “Queen of Massages”, as the first form of touch. It is often compared to the art of touching with the gentle paws of a contentedly purring cat.

Later I learned a number of different forms of touch and partially integrated them into the Lomi, such as the use of warm stones. This kind of treatment in Hawaii is called Pohaku Wai Ola.

Kahi Loa is the game with the 7 elements fire, water, wind (air), stones, plants, animals and finally human energy. The goal is to bring your physical and mental system back into balance.

Studying the philosophy and culture of Hawaii guided me very quickly to the hula dance. I have been learning this dance since 2008 and have been teaching it since 2013.

During the sound massage singing bowls are brought to vibration on and above your body, which leads to deep relaxation. So this has nothing to do with a conventional massage, which is why this term is incorrect, but has become established.

All methods have in common that I not only touch you with my hands, but also always with my heart and empathy. And I am with you with my full attention and accept you exactly as you are. In order to be able to fully adjust to you, I normally treat a maximum of two people a day with an adequate break in between.

You can find more information about the individual forms of touch on the corresponding pages.

A few words about the term “touch”: Since I work on the basis of the energetic trade license, I am not allowed to use the term “massage” (this is reserved for the massage trade), nor the term “treatment” (this is reserved for doctors and physiotherapists). Touch may sound a little strange at first, but it suits my methods well in that I touch people not only on a physical level, but also on a spiritual level.

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