Pohaku Wai Ola

Being touched with warm stones

 This particularly beautiful and relaxing form of touch with warm stones is called “Pohaku Wai Ola” in Hawaii. As in many other places in the world (e.g. in China, Tibet, Nepal and among the Indians in America), warm stones have been used here for a long time to relax body, mind and soul. We know this treatment under the name “Hot Stone”.

“Pohaku” means stone, “Wai” is water and “Ola” means life and health. Pohaku Wai Ola can be seen as an enrichment of Lomi Lomi Nui with the element of preheated lava stones.

In the Hawaiian tradition, stones are considered (living) beings and a lot of knowledge is ascribed to them, as they are already very old. Lava stones can store heat particularly well and release it to the body in a beneficial way. To do this, they are either placed directly on the body or they are used for massaging. Stone is also one of the seven elements in the Hawaiian touch, Kahi Loa.

I use the warm stones in this independent form of contact with a duration of one and a half hours.