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The Lomi Lomi Nui massage is now in my calendar as a fix date every 6 weeks.
I have visited dear Sonja already several times and am always thrilled/touched by her work and her way of being. Sonja is a totally empathetic and loving soul. I feel at home with her. My heart warms every time. Her hands touch not only my body, but also my heart and soul. I am very happy to have found Sonja.

Hello, I’m Karl.
Today I was able to enjoy a wonderful massage from Hawaii with Sonja again.
This woman really has golden hands!
When you enter the massage room, you can already feel the warmth and proximity to Hawaii!
I especially love it when Sonja accompanies me with these beautiful songs and her singing during the massage.
I literally fall into a floating state. I feel a lot of security, serenity and freedom during this massage.
Sonja is a person who loves her work, you can feel that every single minute.
When I leave her, I feel an inner balance, a new zest for life and a general sense of well-being.
I am grateful for Sonja’s existence, because she can transfer the inner beauty and security of this massage to me.
I am looking forward with all my heart to seeing her and Hawaii again.

Today I had my first “session” with the loving soul Sonja.
What can I say? The feelings I had are hard to put into words…
Sonja is a wonderful person.
Several times I had the thought that unfortunately she herself can not feel what her hands do for a great performance.
As if these hands were out of this world.
She radiates a lot of love and closeness.

I felt so accepted with my whole body, through Sonja’s gentle, skilful touches. You can feel their experience and the associated technique in the super pleasant passive joint movements and with the warm lava stones. Thank you, Sonja!

Heat. Heat. Heat. On all levels and into all levels. Sonja connects what was separated and arranges it in a completely natural & sensual way. I think it’s nice that the session can have an intention, an orientation that then resents. Substantial being and becoming. And also beautiful your singing, which conveys and makes you feel the joy and lightness of LomiLomiNui. Flying hands with a lot of skill from hand & heart. Thank you Sonja!

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